TMS Webinar Puts the Spotlight on Offshore, Oil and Gas

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Petroenergy.id, UAE - For its seventh Webinar in the Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective series, which takes place on August 12th at 12.30 pm UAE time, The Maritime Standard is turning the spotlight on a sector of the shipping industry that is vital for the region – Offshore, Oil and Gas. Maritime companies active in supporting offshore, oil and gas operations in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent face specific challenges which merit highlighting.

A high level panel with many decades of relevant industry experience is being assembled to discuss the key issues facing the segment and assess how best these challenges caused by the pandemic can be overcome. Participants are expected to include executives at leading offshore vessel operators; providers of services for rig manufacturing and repair; offshore ship agency and logistics and marine services.

Topics proposed for discussion include:

  • What impact will the crisis have on oil and gas shipping markets and how will this impact maritime companies serving the sector
  • What have been the implications for vessel operators serving offshore, oil and gas markets
  • What has been the effects on offshore vessel manning and crewing
  • How has the pandemic accelerated the use of digitalisation in the offshore marine segment?
  • How have marine services companies, including bunker and lubricant suppliers, responded to the needs of clients during the pandemic
  • How has Covid-19 impacted oil and gas terminal operations
  • Will the crisis lead to changes in the way offshore vessels are designed and operated in future?

Clive Woodbridge, TMS Editor, says, “This is a Webinar that is sure to generate a huge amount of interest given the importance of the offshore marine sector. To date the focus has been on deep sea shipping but now is this chance for this niche segment of the maritime business to have its say. The pandemic has had a raft of implications in this area and it is high time these were discussed in open forum.”

Collectively and individually the panelists will be able to paint a clear picture of what it has been like for the offshore oil and gas sector, for both shore and onboard staff; the changes that have been made since the onset of the crisis; the issues that remain; and medium to long term future prospects.

The webinar will last for around 2 hours. A panel discussion session will be followed by a final section where panellists will get the chance to answer questions posted by attendees from around the world.

The Webinar will start with brief introductions from Trevor Pereira, Managing Director of TMS, and TMS Editor, Clive Woodbridge, who will moderate the session. Each panellist will be invited in turn to give a short summary of their view of the current crisis and its impact. Clive will then ask a key question to each panellist based on their particular operation and experience.

After the panel session will then be a short commercial break, after which there will be a Question Hour, for online attendees to raise their own questions which will be put to selected panelists. [babeh/release]

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